About Us

The purpose of Fourth Street Church of God is to Direct people into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything we do as a church family needs to come back to this statement. We need to ask the question “How does this activity direct people toward a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ?”

Directing people into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ involves a threefold strategy of Draw, Develop and Demonstrate.

Draw people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

How do we draw people?

The primary way we draw people to Jesus Christ is through personal evangelism.

Each member needs to be intentional about building relationships with non-believers to earn the right to be able to share their story of what Jesus has done for them. The goal is to introduce our friends to the very best friend that anyone could ever have. The most selfish act any believer could ever do is to not share the Good News of God’s love with others.

Challenge: Over the course of each year, seek out three new friendships and begin to invest in their lives and invite them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How do we know if a personal relationship is formed?

We know that someone has entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the witness of a changed life; they become involved in a church fellowship and are baptized as an act of obedience.

Goals: Introduce people to Jesus Christ. Each person is to invest in and invite at least three new friends to join them at a church service or event or to their small group each year.

Develop believers into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

How do we develop believers?

We develop believers through discipleship opportunities such as One-on-One Discipleship, Small Groups, Bible Studies and Sunday School. Every member needs to have a Paul, a Barnabus and a Timothy in their lives. (A mentor, a fellow worker, and a disciple)

Challenge: To be in a relationship where you are being mentored, and at least one other relationship where you are mentoring someone else. To financially support the church and to be involved in some form of ministry in the church.

How do we define “fully devoted followers”?

Although we are not capable of being a truly fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, we strive each and every day to be more like our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Part of this is accomplished by personal daily prayer and Bible reading as well as involvement in all three of the relationships mentioned above.

Goals: To develop a discipleship culture that grows numerically each year. Every member needs to be involved in a small group within the church with new groups starting up every year.

Demonstrate the power of Christ’s love to the community of Madera and around the world.

How do we demonstrate the power of Christ’s love?

We demonstrate the power of Christ’s love locally through the unity of our body being involved in community service projects that show God’s love in practical ways.

We reach out beyond our local community with God’s love through short-term mission projects and through long term financial missionary support.

Challenge: Every member to be involved in at least two of the four scheduled community service opportunities each year. To prayerfully consider involvement in a short-term mission project and to pray for our long term missionaries.

How do we know if that love has reached Madera and around the world?

We will know that we have reached into Madera with God’s love by the name of Fourth Street Church being respected and recognized by the community at large as a church that cares about our community and its people.

We will know that we have reached around the world through timely reports from our mission team and missionaries that we support.

Goals: To show God’s love in practical ways locally by serving our community at least four times a year in various planned service projects. At least once a year we will send a team on a short term mission project and we will maintain continual regular financial support for long term missionaries.