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T1L1Teach One to Lead One® (T1L1). How many of you are familiar with the name and/or the program? Some of you may be familiar with it from its first introduction in Madera in the early 2000’s. Some of you may be hearing about it for the first time. I am convinced that everyone in the city of Madera needs to become familiar with it, as I believe it is a program that has, and can continue to have, a profound impact on our youth and the development of future leaders in Madera.

T1L1 is a leadership and character building program based on Christian principles found in The Beatitudes as recorded in Matthew 5:1-12. These principles include Respect, Integrity, Self-Control, Courage, Excellence, Compassion, Humility, Teamwork, Enthusiasm, and Honor.  We believe these principles are absolute truths that are lacking in our current culture – particularly among our youth. We want to instill these truths in our youth so that – in spite of their socio or economic conditions – they are given a hope for the future as they develop the skills to become true leaders of character.

T1L1.1T1L1 recently completed a 1-year pilot program within the Madera Unified School District (MUSD). We had an exceptional group of volunteer mentors who were able to teach the T1L1 program in two 5th grade classrooms at Washington Elementary School, a        4th-5th grade classroom at Millview Elementary, and  a class at Ripperdan Community Day School. School principals and teachers have been thoroughly pleased with the program. In the class at Washington the behavior referrals dropped 40% during the time the program was used, and the students had a blast!!

Without volunteer mentors, the T1L1 program could not exist in the MUSD. These T1L1.2mentors have acted as role models to the students through their lifestyle and have taught the students how to build lives of integrity, create positive relationships, stand strong in healthy habits, and to multiply their influence among their peers. They literally “teach one to lead one.” They are “pearls without price” in the implementation of the program.

T1L1.3During the week of May 3rd -May 9th, I was able to attend a very intensive training to be certified as a Youth Development Professional™ (YDP) at the Celebrate Life International, Inc. (CLI) head office in Atlanta. In this YDP 5-day Boot Camp, I learned more about the T1L1 philosophy and its foundational concepts. Through this training, I became more excited and passionate about the T1L1 program and am committed to seeing the program expand in Madera.

The Madera Community and Celebrate Life International (the organization that created the T1L1 program) have recently established an official Teach One to Lead One® chapter in Madera County.  It is with great honor and utmost humility that I have accepted the call to serve as the Chapter Director of the Madera County T1L1 Chapter. Myself, along with numerous passionate individuals in our community, are answering a call to make a difference in the lives of our youth by protecting them from making destructive choices, joining gangs, and teaching them to be a positive influence in our community.  We believe that God has and is continuing to open doors of possibilities to use this program to make a positive change in the lives of our youth in Madera.

In order for T1L1 to succeed in Madera, we need the church. We need YOU! We need T1L1.4Christ followers who are passionate about our youth and are willing to be an Ambassador of T1L1 with a willingness to serve in a supportive role as mentors, prayer warriors, and/or financial supporters.  If  you are interested in learning more about T1L1, to become an Ambassador, to become a mentor, or any other interest, please feel free to contact me, Theresa Farmer @ 559-674-5507 or email me @

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