So Much to Celebrate!

It is hard to believe that Easter is only a month away. As you begin to think about Easter this year and remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for you, I want to ask you to also think of your friends and family members who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus yet and pray for them. Pray that God would put a hunger in their heart that only He can fulfill and that they would recognize their need for Him in their lives. Also pray that they would be open to your invitation to come with you to one of the activities that we are planning for the week preceding Easter Sunday.

On the Thursday before Easter we will celebrate Communion and Foot Washing. Our service will begin at 6:30 with remembering Jesus’ institution of Communion during the last Passover Feast He celebrated with His disciples. When we celebrate Communion we remember the sacrifice that Jesus offered on our behalf so that our relationship with the Creator could be restored.

Immediately following Communion we will move to Foot Washing. The reason we celebrate Foot Washing is in response to Jesus’ example that same evening. At the end of the meal, Jesus washed His disciples feet. His actions serve as a symbolic act of spiritual cleansing and as an example of true Christian humility. When He finished washing their feet, Jesus said, I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you.” John 13:15 (NLT) Jesus has given us an example to follow. We want to follow.

On Friday evening, again at 6:30, we will experience a Tenebrae Service. The purpose of the Tenebrae Service is to recreate the emotional aspects of the passion story, so this is not supposed to be a happy service, because the occasion is not happy. The purpose of the service is to recreate the betrayal, abandonment, and agony of the events; and it is left unfinished, because the story is not over until Easter Morning.

As people enter the service, they will be asked to enter with a solemn and prayerful attitude. During the service, through reading and song, we will hear the story of Jesus and His love. As the story reaches the night of our Lord’s death, we will be left in a place of silence and wanting — remembering the gift of Jesus’ death.

The week will conclude with our Easter Celebration on Sunday morning. Together, let’s pray and prepare for what God wants to do in us and through us as we celebrate Jesus, our Lord and Savior, rising from the dead!

Peace and Blessing,

Pastor Mike

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