Guest Speaker: Sunday Sept 28th “Big” James Henderson

Champions for Tomorrow Pro: Big James Henderson is blessed with the strength of a Biblical Samson. He is a power lifting champion and is the only man to ever bench press more than 700 pounds without the aid of special lifting suits or drugs. He holds bench press records and honors in every national and international power lifting federation and is currently a five-time world champion in the bench press.

Big James is 6’5″ tall and weighs 372 pounds.

He holds a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in theology and sociology from Mercer University in Georgia. Big James speaks of hope to those who have little and encourages each person to excel in their God-given talents.

  • Former member of The Power Team
  • Hosts the Annual “Night Of Champions” for Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Appeared on “Walker Texas Ranger” TV show
  • Co-Hosts monthly Christian talk show “Winning is Not Everything”

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